Otherly known as Duthcess Morebuks she is the sister of Himeko Shiogarane she is like princess a little punky attitude,she always gain attention from her mother and father (which Himeko Shiogarane is lacking about)

Her first Appearance

she first appeared in "She's here,Shiogarane-Z" where Himeko Shiogarane is exited about but when she arrived she is being the priorty in the house and she surprised her parents when she gave her trophy in tennis and in fashion so princess was jealous but Shiogarane was good to her

                             Her dresses

When in house:

Wears a long dress with a ribbon belt

a headband

When going to the plane:

wears a like an astrounot

has a crown sign in the left

When in suit:

a big tiara

a belt with star in the middle


a vest or jacket

Attacks (in her suit):

Typhoon Konzern (Hammer form)

Celeb Squash (Bubble wand form)

Megabank Shoot (Yoyo Form)