Sedusa is a beautiful maiden which is in love of Souchirou-san as the Japanese of Jason

                           Her transformation 

In first she is Sakuraku-san whenever she wears a lipstick it causes her to transform to Sedusa

Her Dresses


Japanese dress




Violet dress

curly hair

Snake (or necklace)

lacks eyeglasses

one eye covered

high-heeled shoes


Souchirou-san(Jason)-a normal good natured man who always go to Sakuraku-san's restaurant where Blossom's

(Momoko Akatsumi) favorite restaurant

                           Girls Tag team battle

This is where she delivers food from princess but princess was in her transformation she ate her favorite strawberry daifuki Himeko special when she sees the lipstick princess got the lipstick she said to Sakuraku-san "Have a souvieneer"which she adressed while she is lipsticking Sakuraku-san then she transforms to Sedusa. they cooperated by fighting the PPGZ


Sedusa's name was got from Medusa that has both living hair