Miyako Gotokuji (Bubbles)

Miyako Gotokuji or Rolling Bubbles is one of the main characters in PowerPuff Girls Z. She is the second member of the team. Her main weapon is the Bubble Staff which she mostly uses to create shields around objects. Her signature color is blue. She is represented by bubbles. Miyako has most of the characteristics of her American counterpart. She is girly, ditzy, and a little air-headed. Although she is the most mature of the team and will try to calm any situation down. Like her American counterpart she is very polite and very nurturing to animals. Like her American counterpart, she is often distracted by many things (mostly boys and animals).She is overall the most girly of the team since she pays more attention to her appearance. She is very much like Blossom without her bossiness and irrationality. Bubbles is easily the most attractive girl at school and the subject of boy’s crushes (even though she doesn’t seem to notice). She mostly wears skirts. She is mostly recognized by her hair which she puts into a hair drill. She also puts barrettes in her hair. Her style is similar to Blossom’s although Bubbles’s clothing is a little more flirty. It is revealed in episode 34 that Bubbles lives with her grandmother. Her parents are in Milano (it is not explained why). Her grandmother can be very strict and makes Bubbles do chores around the house (this is probably why Bubbles is the most mature). She also makes her meditate if she misbehaves. Bubbles is an only child and she sometimes wonders what it would be like if she she had a sister.


. Age: 13

.Height: 5'4

.Weight: 105.2

.Favorite Color: Blue

.Favorite Subject: Science

.Least Favorite Subject: History

.Favorite Food: Fruts and Vegtables

. Hopes to go to: Orlando, Florida

.Favorite type of Boy: Trustworthy and Protective

.Alias: Rolling Bubbles! ; Bubbles!

Voiced By: Nami Miyahara;Maryke Hendrikse