Kaoru (Buttercup)

Kaoru Matsubara or Powered Buttercup is one of the three main characters in PowerPuff Girls Z. Like her American counterpart Kaoru is the tomboy of the team and hates anything girly (especially skirts). Her main weapon is a hammer. Her signature color is green. She is represented by stars.Kaoru is the tomboy of the team and hates anything girly.She is known as the the most athletic girl in school since she plays a variety of sports. Kaoru also likes watching sports on TV (especially soccer). She is known to not have the best table manners and to have a good appetite. Kaoru had a hard time getting used to the rest of the team because of their personalities. Although after a few episodes she considered them her friends. Kaoru often speaks with a masculine edge. She does not use honorifics whens she speaks.To avoid having conflicts with the girls she tends to be indifferent and calm.Kaoru hates wearing skirts and even got a cold wearing one. Like the girls during her transformation she wears her signature jacket, sneakers, and to her dismay a skirt. She always wears her hair in spikes. She also has green diamond shape barrettes. Her brother gave her sneaker cleats which is one reason she love the sports. When she is normal however she wears a sports hat, shirt, and shorts.Karou lives in a apartment with her mother, father, and her 2 older and younger brothers. She wishes to be a wrestler like her dad. Her father and brothers always want to teach her new moves. Kaoru is often ambushed by her brothers. Sometimes she wishes that she didn't have siblings at all.Her worst fear is ghosts.


Age: 13

Height: 5'4

Weight: 105.2

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Subject: Gym

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Food: Any Kind of Meat

Alias: Powered Buttercup!;Buttercup

Voiced By: Machiko Kawana;Kelly Metsger

Attacks: Smash Lot, Graviton Drive, Hammer Hurricane, Sonic Swing