Himeko Shirogane is the Japanese version of Princess Morebucks. She has a strong hatred for PowerPuff Girls. She can transform into an evil version of herself. Her powers are based on what she wants people to recognize her as. However after her transformation she doesn’t remember anything


Even without her powers, Himeko starts off as an enemy to the girls, always tries to get them in trouble at school. She hates when she thinks the girls are “showing off” and longs to put them in their place. However, she becomes somewhat friendlier to them overtime, as seen when she is saddened when she believes that Blossom is having trouble with a boyfriend (something Blossom was actually lying about.)

Like her American counterpart Himeko is snobby and rude because of her massive wealth. Unlike her American counterpart, she isn't psychotic or as prone to tantrums.


Himeko’s signature outfit is a purple fluffy dress with a tiara. She wears white stockings. She wears her brown hair in puffs. When she has transformed she still wears her outfit although her hair is red and is worn like an afro.

Himeko (regular)

. purple dress

. tiara

. white stockings

. brown hair worn in puffs

. brown eyes with stars in the middle

Himeko (transformation)

. purple dress

. tiara

. dark green stockings

. red hair in afro

. green eyes with stars in the middle


Himeko lives with her mother and father in a mansion. She also has a sister named Miko. Like her sister Miko hates the PPFG and wants to put them in their place. She even disguises herself in a power suit as Duchess Morebucks. She can almost do anything better than Himeko and often steals attention from their parents. Despite this, the two sisters still love each other very much. Himeko has a cat named Sapphire. Her screams help Himeko transform into her evil self.


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